FAQs For R8TRs

Why do Ratings only go to 8 and not 10?

R8TR provides pre purchase inspections and evaluations of pre owned vehicles.  When buying pre-owned, 8 is the best you can hope for.  There are no perfect 10s on used vehicles.

How and when do R8TRs get paid?

R8TR pays it’s r8trs as contractors via check or Venmo on the 15th and 30th of each month.  We hope to have automation in place soon to make it more immediate.

What is expected once you get a r8ting ping and accept it?

Contact the seller of the vehicle right away to schedule the viewing.

How long should a r8ting take?

Depends on the vehicle and the special instructions that need to be done

How much do r8trs make?

Depends on the vehicle type and price. Least amount would be $50 plus tip. All jobs show how much you make before accepting.

Do r8trs get r8ted based on performance?

Yes after each job the buyer will leave feedback on the r8trs performance.

Does the buyer see the r8trs profile?

Only the first name and their profile picture

How do we get to r8tings?

The home screen will show you all available jobs in your radius.

How do r8trs get jobs?

Via push notifications or text that a job is available

Should a r8tr drive a car?

NO, only start

Should a r8tr start a car or operate anything?

We would rather have the seller start the car and operate any systems (convertible top, sunroof, windows, hood, trunk, etc )

How are r8trs qualified?

Bio, experience, past r8tings

How can r8trs get ahold of us?

Support in the hamburger menu or via email at support@r8tr.com

What if a r8tr cant get in touch with the seller to do the r8ting?

Please contact support and we will get involved.

Can I cancel a r8ting after I have accepted it?

Yes, please cancel ASAP once you know you can’t perform the r8ting so someone else can accept it. Please contact support.

FAQs For Buyers

What can a buyer expect when hiring a r8tr?

Detailed photos of vehicle, Photos and notes of damages found, walk around video, and answers to any questions you specifically want answered.

At this time we do not provide any safety or drivetrain inspections. Only visual damage or imperfections.

How long does it take to get a r8ting back?

We strive to get your report back in 24 hours or less.

Does the r8tr test drive the car?

No but per pre-arrangement between yourself and seller, the seller may take the r8tr along for a test drive.


Our prices start at $99 and go up from there based on vehicle type and value.

What do buyers get out of R8TR?

As soon as r8ting is complete, you will receive real time photos, description of any damages or action items found, and a walk around video.