McLaren 765LT Catches Fire at Gas Station

According to Auto Evolution

Captured by Bob Kelly’s camera for North Penn Now, the 765LT in the photo gallery burned to a crisp on Saturday afternoon right next to a gas pump in Upper Gwynedd Township. Firefighters were able to extinguish the vehicle, containing the blaze from extending to the adjacent pump.

No injuries were reported according to the cited publication, and the cause of the fiery incident has yet to be released by the Upper Gwynedd Township Fire Department. One potential scenario would be static electricity, which may build up by re-entering the vehicle during fueling in dry weather.

It’s common knowledge to always touch a metal part of the vehicle before opening the fuel cap, but as it’s often the case with humankind, mistakes can happen. Turning our attention back to Bob Kelly’s photographs, the 765LT is a total loss in every respect. From the 4.0-liter engine to the dual-clutch transmission, rubber shoes, cockpit, and every single body panel, this car simply cannot be salvaged. The only hints of its former self are the four-tipped exhaust system and a couple of vents on the sides of the hood.

Although the insurance company won’t be happy to write off the vehicle, the owner should thank Lady Luck for smiling upon him. Not only did the owner walk away unharmed, but McLaren will probably invite him to place an order on the yet-to-be-revealed 765LT Spider. Accidentally previewed in August 2020 by British company Lanzante, the retractable-topped model is expected to roll out in the second quarter of 2021 for the 2022 model year.

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