St Louis – Sept 4, 2019 – If you haven’t heard of r8tr yet, you should.  And you should be fast about it. The r8tr app is like nothing the car, boat, RV & motorcycle  industry has ever seen, and the buzz surrounding it’s October launch is spreading swiftly.

When r8tr launches, you can expect to see the car, boat, RV & motorcycle buying/selling industry shift…and for the benefit of ALL involved.  The app promises to provide the leery car buyer with peace of mind and confidence, while also providing the honest car seller with prospects far beyond their current marketplace.  Let’s face it, with increased on-line opportunities, we have seen a fair share of scams. The r8tr app will create a way to help eliminate these scams AND give the truthful sellers more opportunity.

How it works?  A prospective buyer downloads the free app, enters the most basic information and details about a vehicle they wish to purchase.  They then send a request for a pre-qualified and independent r8tr in the designated zip code.  The r8tr, in that zip code, will get an alert for a potential rating in their area. The r8tr then accepts the job and agrees to the predetermined fee.  When the r8tr begins their inspection, they will “check-in” on the app, alerting the buyer that he/she has arrived and started the inspection by performing a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle the buyer desires to purchase.  The buyer will have the opportunity to make special requests for the review and inspection in addition to the r8trs pre-loaded checklist. Upon completion of the list, photos, descriptions, a video and client’s special requests, they will send in the vehicle’s rating details.  Once the info is complete and sent, the r8tr will get paid.

With limited pre-launch opportunities for the r8trs, the enthusiasm is apparent.  In less than 7 days the soft pre-launch dialogue has already produced over 200 eager r8trs in 32 states.  The desire for simple additional revenue streams while doing something people love to do is hard to deny.

What’s it matter anyway?  The TIME, TRAVEL, EXPENSE and PEACE OF MIND a r8tr will provide enthusiasts and aficionados is worth so much when making this large purchase.  Not to mention, provide the sellers with an opportunity to sell an item from a local market to a national market!

This app will help us buy and sell cars to customers out of state”

Dealer – ST LOUIS, MO

“r8tr will help raise our customer service satisfaction, they will get a 3rd party unbiased description of their car in real time, it should also help us sell cars quicker as we don’t have to wait for a customer to travel to see us.  They can just have a r8tr look it over and make the purchase with the picture and video”


“We have to buy cars for our customers, so time is critical.  We can’t lose a deal waiting on our employee to travel to another state to look a car over, r8tr can do it for us within hrs.  We can’t wait to be one of the first dealers to sign up”

Exotic car dealer – ST LOUIS, MO