Pre-Purchase eValuation App

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Today more than ever, buyers are researching, finding and buying cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks , RVs and more.... online and out of state.

Many of these transactions are completed "sight unseen" relying only on the marketing materials provided by the dealer or the seller. At times, these marketing efforts can be misleading.

In effort to avoid this, some more advanced buyers hire expensive survey companies or even worse book travel including airfare and hotels to "see" their prospective vehicle before pulling the trigger.

r8tr App for Buyers

r8tr greatly reduces those concerns and costly engagements by providing buyers easy and direct access to a huge community of enthusiasts and aficionados.

These r8tr's provide live, "eyes on" real time inspection, analysis and feedback regarding the physical appearance and functionality of their potential purchase.

All this with a FAST turnaround and for only a small fee that's a fraction of the cost of a survey company or potential loss incurred when relying solely on the seller's information.

r8tr app for enthusiasts and aficionados

Connect with buyers through the app and provide an "eyes on" review and rating.

r8tr app provides peace of mind by reducing the chances of buyer's remorse and providing buyers with negotiating power to get the best deal possible with no surprises at delivery.

r8tr's earn money by saving buyers time and money.

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