What does it mean to be a r8tr?
r8trs are the eyes, ears and nose of the out-of-town buyer. r8trs should be passionate and knowledgeable about whatever vehicle category they are r8ting. A r8tr should consider themselves an Aficionado or enthusiast and be passionate about the vehicle category they are r8ting. r8trs should be professional and polite when contacting the seller and scheduling a meeting, as well as during the meeting with the seller. r8trs should have a professional appearance preferably wearing a r8tr polo or t shirt.  If r8trs do not have access to company polo or t-shirt, we prefer them to wear business casual attire. r8trs should always be prompt, on time, making sure to keep their appointments, and to deliver their ratings as promised in a timely manner. Upon arriving at the vehicle to be rated, the r8tr will engage the app and begin the process of evaluating the vehicle Vehicles will always be evaluated in the same manner following in app instructions, with minor variations, based on the vehicle category. The r8tr is looking for scratches, dents, imperfections, rust, obvious replaced parts, aftermarket parts, cracks and other imperfections.
They should be “nitpicky” and point out every single flaw, as if they were the most meticulous  buyer in the world. The goal of the r8tr is to be more detail oriented and thorough than the buyer.  No flaw or imperfection should go un-noted. Although the r8tr’s job is to locate and identify every imperfection in the vehicle, remember to be courteous and respectful of the seller.   Do not make a big deal about your findings. Just quietly and professionally document the information using the app, and let the buyer draw their own conclusions.  At no time should the seller ever feel like r8trs are against them. Conversely, r8trs should represent themselves in such a way as to make the seller want to work with a r8tr again in the future. In summary, the ultimate goal of every r8tr should be to provide prompt, swift and professional evaluation of a pre-purchase vehicle, with attention to detail second to none.